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Old February 15th, 2010, 08:13 AM
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So many rescues WTG members!
In rescuing animals I lost my mind but found my soul
~ anonymous ~
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Old February 16th, 2010, 08:24 PM
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Originally Posted by Golden Girls View Post
I couldn't of chosen a better mom for Buddy, thank YOU!
No thank you!!! Buddy is an absolute JOY we love him dearly.
Everyone who meets him falls in love with, him, and I tell everyone, "that's a rescue for ya, forever greatful, and they return the love tenfold for rescuing them"
He's the poster pup for rescues!!
I want to get him a collar I saw on that feed the dogs site (where you click on it every day) It's red and says "RESCUES ROCK !" all around it.
here's the site ,

OHHHHH I just found these ones and they're on sale too!! think I'm going to order the blue one http://shop.theanimalrescuesite.com/...tegory&index=3

What is man without beasts? If all the beasts were gone, men would die from great loneliness of spirit. For whatever happens to the beasts, soon happens to man. All things are connected.

~~Chief Seattle (Duwamish tribe)~~

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Old February 17th, 2010, 03:00 PM
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Aww, I love this thread!

Cody (RIP Dec 95-Mar 08) Shepard/ Collie - BYB (Dont think my parents knew better, was my family dog growing up)

Tommy (Kitten) (RIP apprx 8 months old) - BYB (aka terrible person who wont get any of her cats spayed / neutered and its pretty much guarenteed she will have a litter of kittens and ANY given time you may wish to have a kitten)

Tyson (Kitten ran away March 2009, we still have posters up around the city and are still somewhat hopeful) BYB (Same woman as mentioned above)


Taisha (White and Black Amstaff) - BYB - DH was walking down the street and saw a sign "Puppies for sale" knocked on the door and fell in love with their very last puppy (which they were going to keep) She was covered in motor oil and some sort of green algae substance) DH convinced them to let her go and DH carried her home to me in his jacket sleeve lol

Molly (Calico Kitty)- Rehomed to me ad on craigslist.... though... she doesnt much like us nor pay us much attention. We love her though!

Alex (Tuxedo Kitty) - Rehomed to me as well, ad on craigslist.

Our newest addition, Shadow (Black lab / Shepard, we think )- "Rescued" from a vet after my SIL abandoned her there for 6 months post surgery after getting hit by a car.
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Old February 17th, 2010, 03:34 PM
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Keely - Reputable breeder/now a good friend.

Casey - Spca..
Keely - Yorkie
Haley - German Shepherd
Casey - version 2.0 - Black lab
Jasper - White cat

R.I.P Casey #1.
Gone but never ever forgotten.
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Old February 17th, 2010, 04:56 PM
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Stinky - stray litter of kittens (??) my mom got him before i was born
Baby Cat - part feral cat my mom took in before i was born

Jersey - relative bought her from me from a BYB. of course had major health and behaviour issues.

Harley - moms friend was/still may be? a byb.. not with bad intentions though.. nice woman, took care of the dogs but just was unaware of pet overpopulation etc.

Socks, Kasey, Missy, Jack, Buddy, Tripod, Three Legged Missy, Mr. Kitten, Mr. Sniffles & Maxwell - All were born to a feral cat colony behind my house and they were all nice so I kept them... rehomed some other ones who were nice and TNR'd the feral ones.

Tessie - adopted from my shelter because no one else would adopt her
My cat is smarter than your honor student.
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Shamu (tuxedo feline), found this poor lil girl in really bad shape ( actually she found me), nursed her back to health, became my second shadow, I was never really a "cat" person before Shamu...she converted me.

Tamara(pitxheeler), Rescue, she lived to be 19 and 1/2 yrs old, fiesty, luvable girl who loved to chase jackrabbits and almost caught a few! Don't get the wrong idea she would have never hurt them had she caught them, she just loved the chase.

Benny (GR), reputable breeder. The best dog companion I have ever had. He was truly the best friend I ever had, human or canine. He was super intellegent, beautiful, and completely devoted to me and my family. He placed at the top of his obiedience classes, he loved cats, dogs, kids, but would stand guard when a stranger approached our home. I miss him more than I can convey with words.

Elsa (GR), family was relocated couldn't take her, was going euth if home not found, couldn't let that happen, took her, loved her for 5 yrs before she developed a rare form of cancer that took away her eyesight and invaded her brain. We held her tightly when we had to make the decision to send her to The Bridge.

Kenya (Rot), seen an ad in the paper, went to see her twice, last visit we were told if someone didn't take her by the end of that week they were going to euth, as their son had suddenly developed allergies, a story I had obviously heard before. We offered to take her to rehome her and buy her more time, well she made such an impression we kept her. She was a fantastic addition to our family for over 13 yrs.

Abigail (Abby)(Pitbull), Pitbulls For Life rescue.

Jersey(pitbull) Pitbulls For Life rescue.

Theedee (feline), was asked to babysit for a month......a decade ago....
Wendellan(feline), brother of Theedee.......same story....
Abigail~ APBT~ 2
Jersey ~ APBT~5(ish)
Kato ~Rottie~ 5&1/2
Wendellan~ Feline~ 10(ish)
"Da-Goob"~ APBT/Dogo x (5-6ish)

"My Pitbulls are better behaved than your kids!" (my favorite bumper sticker)
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Old February 18th, 2010, 06:56 PM
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Casey & Mak - Accidental litter. Newspaper ad.
Linus - Abandoned at a motel I pick up at in my cab.
Minnie - (RIP 9/3/93-8/18/09) Humane Society function. I fell in love with a kitten in the next cage, but Minnie kept sticking her paw out and grabbing my shirt. She picked me.

Mansa - BYB. Just couldn't let him go. Ran into him at a store. I figure God put him in my path. Mansa is my savior.
Miko - Pet shop rescue. 4 months old and no one wanted him. He's a little butthead. LoL
The Beasts...

The Maine Coon Mafia (litter mates)
Casey - Male Maine Coon, 3 years
Mak - Male Maine Coon, 3 years

The abandoned newcomer: Linus - Male Tabby, 1 year
Minnie - Female Tortie, RIP 9/3/93-8/18/09 (In Heaven, but never far from our hearts)

The Pooches... Best friends for life.
Miko - Male Chi/Terrier mix, 2 years
Mansa - Male Pit Bull, 1 year

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Onnie & Bunduk both from the HS

TY from a family friend who could no longer keep him

(Cheese) Muffin/ Roquette (3 kids wanted to name her lol), was born under our car in the middle east.
Famous last words:

"No, Bunduk, Nooooooooooooooooooooooo!"
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Old February 19th, 2010, 07:10 PM
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Travisfarm dogs litter never ever get a puppy this way poor guy had so many health problems over his 9 1/2 years
Tiny rescue scarborough animal control
Misty1 stray showed up one foggy night
Misty2 rescue scarborough animal control
Patches sister bought for daughter at a pet store
Calierescue from a friends farm mum went missing and she was the only one in litter we found alive
Martygiven to me by friend
Tiamo love bird given to me by friend
numerous lizards and other pets given by friends or bought at pet stores

Seems that I'm always getting friends give away pets..guess they know I'll take them in can't seem to see pets put in the humane society or I guess I'm the local humane society...LOL
A man who looks into a collie's eye to receive an icy stare is but a fool. Be at one with man's best friend and through his eyes you will see his very soul.
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Old February 19th, 2010, 09:07 PM
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Maggie, my 6 yr old purebred Golden Retreiver was bought, from a certified breeder by a family with two young children. After having her for three years, never vetted, her entire life was constrained to a mat in the kitchen. One week, they offered to workmates, that if anyone wanted a Golden they should take her before weekend, because otherwise she would be put down. I was a neighbor of one of the ladies that worked with the dog owner, and was told of the situation. I went to see her that Friday and she practically ran out the door with me. Don't blame her. The family spent good money to get this incredible girl and then never spent a dime on her after. She was skinny and fearful of everything. Especially of going up or down stairs. Which in the townhouse where she was raised, she was never allowed. Even though I have had her for years, she still waits to ensure she has my OK before attempting stairs.

My oldest cat, 15 yrs was abandoned, at five months of age, in a neighborhood with lots of kids. Kind of funny that I was the only single female in the area with no animals, and he picked me to cling onto. Well, that was 15 yrs ago and he can still run circles around my newest member.

The second cat I have is Tux, he came from Ottawa Humane Society. He won me over the second I opened the OHS crate and he put his front paws on my chest and gave me a headbutt in the forehead. The rest they say, is history!!! He is pretty much a mushmellow!!

The newest addition is Diesel. I work at a car dealership and the 29th of November a mechanic came into my office with a dirty little ball of white fluff in his arms, and said "you're not going to believe this". Turns out he got himself into the engine of a Jetta Diesel from his home in Val-Des-Monts, travelled an hour and ten minutes to the dealership. Sat, motionless, until an hour later the mechanic took the car for a second drive (a test drive) on the highway, then brough the car in and put it on the hoist. Only when the mechanic removed the oil pan and saw something move did alarms go off. The mechanic screamed and of course the other mechanics, thinking only of the worst injury, came running. They all stood, astonished, to find a little 8 week old kitten curled back in the engine. They told me if he was a centimeter either way, he would have been dead. I had the advisor call the customer to ask if they knew of a kitten that may be missing and they said, yes, they had one, and then asked if it was dead. The advisor, said no. They then asked if "anyone wanted him". Weird eh!! My next question would have been then, how badly hurt he is?? Anyways, that all happened around 10am on a Friday, the owner never showed up until 5:30. By then I had given him water, and driven to Walmart to pickup a little tin of food, which he gobbbled up in seconds. Her first words when she saw him was, "le savage" - the savage or wild one. I also asked if she had a name for him, being she had him for 8 weeks already. She said yes, and Hissed!! in my face. Needless to say he didn't go home with her. He was never wanted in the first place. Turns out he had terrible ear mites and just now discovered he has a bone spurr on his head from a chip in his skull from some sort of traumatic injury. While it is possible this came from his wild car ride, it is highly unlikely, as the mechanics said any slightest injury caused by the vehicle, would have been a fatal one. The likelihood is, that it was caused in his time prior to all this, and was from a blunt force trauma. I hate to think what happened to an unwanted white, blue eyed kitten, born to a deaf mother of eight years old. The owner was actually surprised to hear, that I had determined he wasn't deaf. She told me the mother and brother were. I sincerely hope his bone spurr doesn't cause him problems, but if it does, I will put my life savings into fixing the little guy. He is the most loveable of all. He actually sleeps, curled up in the belly of my Golden Retreiver. He kneeds on her for a few minutes each night and then curls up and falls so sound asleep, that he snores.
Wow - sorry for using up all this valueable space. But that is the story of my four rescues. I know the stories out there are endless, and the next are just as admirable as the last. Hats off to the lot of you!!!!!
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Thank you Deauce for sharing your rescue story with us, please don't apologize for using up valuable space, were blessed were able to share stories with other pet guardians - best part it's for everyone
In rescuing animals I lost my mind but found my soul
~ anonymous ~
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Wow, Deauce... that was an amazing story about the little kitten! would love to see pics

Maomao was from a rescue agency in the metroVancouver area.
Mukmuk also from the same rescue.

The rescue agency had space in the local petsmart who donates space to rescues. We originally saw two little kittens on a Saturday afternoon. When we arrived on Sunday noon, they were in the process of being adopted by someone else. But another little torbie kitten was there and we fell in love with her. She came home with us that day! That was Maomao.

The rescue lady knew we wanted two for cat social company. She said she had another kitten a little bit younger than Maomao (10-12 weeks at the time) that she was willing to let us adopt. We adopted Mukmuk a week later. Turns out he is older than Maomao!! By 2 months!! He was just very small because of either his rough start at life (found in a dumpster with his litter covered in fleas ), or he was just the runt.

We love them

I'd eventually like to rescue a dog, too! When we (if we) ever get out of apartment living
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Bear GSD/labx - pound off death row when he was 5. the boy who filled mama's heart. while all the other pound dogs were barking and leaping in their kennels I knelt down to Bear and he quietly and ever so softly placed his paw in my hand. That was that.

Tanooki : jindo/houndx ( http://i46.tinypic.com/10qx539.jpg ) - recent adoption from pound - 5 y/o. Had been at the pound for almost two months. Post adoption we found out via our vet she's deaf so probably explains why she was yet to be adopted.

Bandit pointer/beaglex - pulled from pound as a pup. lived to 11.
Bear GSD - found wandering as adult on construction lot unwaivering loyalty shown to the family.
Harley GSD : GSD rescue as pup. lived to almost 10. sudden, sad loss. Textbook neurotic yet brillant gsd.

Hope to find a " helper " senior for our current girl from a pound/animal shelter.

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The dogs...

Bo - stray/dumped ex-hunting dog

Katie - adopted from a local rescue group

Sam - stray

Emmy - stray

Gage - adopted at 12 weeks old from a parking lot. BYB was giving him away free because she thought he was too ugly.

Rosie, Callie, and Gracie - taken in after they were retired from a puppymill as breeder females.

Caeli - I took her in after her owners finally decided they didn't want her anymore. She was a puppymill breeder female, then adopted out to a home that continued to breed her, left her tied to a tree, allowed her to get heartworms, and then got angry at her and slammed her against a shed one night, crushing her ankle in the process.

Mattie - taken in after he was retired from a puppymill as a breeder male (who breeds a blind and deaf dog for 12 years? *sigh*)

Annie - she was rescued by the animal control from a hoarding bust. She was supposed to be fostered by me through one of my rescue groups but she became a permanent resident.

Audubon - adopted from a local rescue group as a puppy almost 9 years ago.

Jake - I took him in when I was working at a vet clinic. A client came in to have him euthanized because she was retiring, looking to take vacations, and "didn't have time for the dog."

Triumph - I took him in when I was working at a (different) vet clinic. A client came in with him, and he was almost completely dead. He'd been found on side of the highway in a ditch, starved and shot through the neck. He spent almost a month at the clinic, where I was caring for him, as I was the vet tech. By the time he was ready to be released from the hospital, I was hooked, and adopted him.

Lily - adopted from the SPCA. I was supposed to be fostering her for them but you know how that goes...

The cat...

Socks was a stray that wandered up about... 14 years ago, and never left. He kind of adopted us.

The fish...

Tofu is my betta fish. I wasn't looking for a betta fish, but I was at a local mom and pop type pet store, spotted him and fell in love.

The turtle...

Squirt is my red eared slider turtle. I found a Craigslist ad that simply stated, baby turtle with tank. So I e-mailed her, and found out that she had no idea how to take care of a turtle. He had no heater, no filter, no heat lamps, no UVB lamps, no nothing. Just a small tank with some driveway gravel and about an inch of water. She sent me a photo of him, I was instantly hooked, and I drove a 3 hour round-trip the next morning to meet her to pick up Squirt.
- Until There Are None Rescue One (UTANRO)

Mom to the rescue crew:

Sam - 2y/o terrier mix | Annie - 9y/o whippet mix | Callie - 6y/o dachshund | Caeli - 5y/o dachshund | Gracie - 9y/o dachshund
Mattie - 12y/o dachshund | Rosie - 3y/o dachshund | Gage - 1y/o dachshund | Bo - 10y/o beagle | Katie - 4y/o beagle mix
Jake - 11 y/o shih tzu | Triumph - 2y/o shih tzu mix | Lily - 3y/o shih tzu | Emmy - 2y/o chihuahua mix | Audubon - 8y/o pointer mix
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What a wonderful group of people we have hereto everyone
"The cruelest animal is the Human animal"
3 kitties,Rocky(r.i.p my boy),Chico,Vinnie
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From a old Couple who they couldent take care of him anymore
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Old February 22nd, 2010, 12:54 PM
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Here is some pics of Diesel - the lucky little guy found in the car engine! Along with his adopted new mom - Maggie GR (6yrs old).
Attached Images
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Old February 22nd, 2010, 12:57 PM
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Had to add one of Diesel - with his, new, two "step-brothers".
Black - Tux, 8yrs old
Romey - Grey, 15yrs old
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Would help to see pics if I actually hit "Upload" eh!!!!...lol
Attached Images
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omg Deauce , those pictures of Diesel and Maggie are so heartwarming !!!
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Oh deauce, what wonderful stories and pics you are an to these sweeties.
Cat maid to:

Rose semi feral, a cpietra rescue, female tabby (approx 13 yrs)

Jasper RIP (2001-2018)
Sweet Pea RIP (2004?-2014)
Puddles RIP (1996-2014)
Snowball RIP (1991-2005)

In a cat's eye, all things belong to cats.-English Proverb

“While we are free to choose our actions, we are not free to choose the consequences of our actions.” Stephen R. Covey
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Thanks Frenchy
Nelly is adorable too. Beautiful brindle on her.
I am new to this site, but it sure gives you an all over warm fuzzy feeling all over, to know there are so many others out there, that love all the furry friends as much as we do ourselves. I love reading all the comments. Loads of good advice and tips.
Could never see my life, without the unconditional love of furry companions.
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Love4himis - Thanks too. So nice to see you let your friend out on a leash. Only my oldest, Romey, goes out. I have had him used to a leash since I found him at 5months old. He is only ever out though, when I am right there with him. Never out of sight. My backyard is fully enclosed. Just to be on the safe side, Maggie is always out, as well, when Romey is out. That way, he has two of us, watching out for him....
Tux has never had an interest in the outdoors, although he rattles up a storm when he watches birds in the feeder I have suctioned to my living room window...lol...
And, Diesel, he has no interest either. He actually runs away from the cold, when I open the patio door to let Maggie out.
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Deauce,what great pics,little Diesel seems to fit in with everyone.
Love the first 2 pics with Maggie..what a lucky little guy to have been saved,it could have been a disaster for sure.
My little white boy,was found in an industrial area,he's our little angel.
"The cruelest animal is the Human animal"
3 kitties,Rocky(r.i.p my boy),Chico,Vinnie
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Wonderful thread


Scooter, GSD, BYB
Sheba, GSD X, farm
Brandy 1, Samoyed, Dog Pound, died at 10 weeks of distemper
Brandy 2, Samoyed, BYB
Chimo, GSD, breeder
Chelsea, GSD, breeder
Odus, GR, K9 Vision foster, didn't make it, we bought him, died at 2 with GranMal Seizures
Stoney, GSD, breeder

Present furkids

SHADOW, GSD,Husky Cross, found at 12 weeks in the country by older couple that could not keep her, we had to go thru quite a screening before they would let us have her

BRIAR, another K9 Vision foster, didn't make it so we purchased him


More to come.

Owned by

Bree 12 year old GSD
Keesha 8 year old GSD
Cyrus 7 year old GSD

RIP: All my angels.
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What special people you all are, kudos to all of you. I hesitate to answer this question seeing mine are all registered dogs. But I will.

Susie(gone to God, bone cancer) and her brother Perkins(ACD's) were pups I bought after a 7 year wait. I mean I ordered a pup from one of South Australia's top breeders, 7 years later she rang and asked did I still want one? LOL. The litter was so good we bought two, the best show dogs we've owned.
Cuddles, ACD, given to me by a friend who bred exceptionally nice dogs up in New South Wales. We paid for door to door delivery(= the price of a pup) seeing we were not paying for her.
The rest are shelties.
Silk and her daughter Sugar, both bred by me.
Shady bought from a Judge/breeder friend in New South Wales and flown down as a pup. Her 4 sons, Toby, Matthew, Dundee and Bo, bred by me.
Gemma, bought off an elderly lady who has serious health issues. Poor girl, at 8 months hadn't been taught to lie down and be groomed, hadn't sat on a lap, didn't know how to take a titbit, she used to open her mouth wide like a baby bird, legacy maybe of having food thrown for her to catch? Took her literally years to accept food from my hand, more years to think it was safe to give me a single quick lick on the face. So much more to it and I just could not leave her behind.
I have 12 beloved dogs buried here as well. Two, a cattle dog and a sheltie, were virtually rescues, I could write a book on their problems. Not nice stories. Suffice to say that when the cattle dog was given to me, and a friend bought him down from Sydney, she put him in his yard here and said "Welcome to the Ritz", such was the comparison to where he'd been. This dog IMO had the equivalent of a doggy nervous breakdown before we got him, totally unsocialised and terrified. Anyway, I was so disgusted that later, when she died, my first thought was "Thank God she can't do that to any more dogs".
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Originally Posted by 14+kitties View Post
Sammy - Hubby got her from the pound before I moved in.
Keesha - from a byb before we knew what byb's were. She is almost 16.
Tasha - from a pound. She and her sisters had been dumped in the country to fend for themselves.

Tehehe - Spazzy, Li'l Bit, Nipper, Miss Purrfect, Qugee, Wheezer, Tinker, Ms Atty, Skitty, Squeak, Mew, Kylee, Meowzer, Brownie, Mylee, Tinka, Dayle, Taz, Mittens, and Timmy all born on our property by feral moms who all managed to pump out a few litters before being caught and fixed.
Spare Cat, Trey, Orbit, Jupiter, Ace and Ajax all trapped, neutured on the property as well.
MiniMo was literally lifted off of our road almost two years ago. Still not sure if she was a feral or had been dumped and was in shock.
Kitty McKat - from krdahmer. Just call him Mr Attitude!!
Benni and Snoopy - from a customer who told me she was being taken to be put down if she didn't find a home for Benni. She told me about her baby Snoopy after I agreed to take Benni. Benni was pregnant again when I got her. Not for long.
Stormy - one of the original ferals who is my shadow when I am outside. No one else is allowed near.
Duece - from Frenchy and I thank her.
Greyson, Zara, Kearn and Calysta from a co worker who found them in her back yard a block from the QEW - very busy roadway. The babies are still up for adoption so technically I guess I can't call them mine.
And Smoke who I trapped a few weeks ago. He is going in to get fixed soon and then I will decide if I am putting him in the catuary or if he is being released. Right now it looks like released.
* "Smoke" is now "Testy". Name is going to stick as he is pretty testy. He is now in the catuary with the other kitties but still in one of the smaller enclosures. He can see and be seen but not fight.

Ooops, that was supposed to be just an edit! I guess I hit quote by mistake. DUH!!!
Assumptions do nothing but make an ass out of u and me.

We can stick our heads in the sand for only so long before it starts choking us. Face it folks. The pet population is bad ALL OVER THE WORLD!
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Mitzy 1979 - 1991. Our family dog until I was 6... my folks adopted him from an SPCA in MB when they lived there after they were 1st married. My mom's job at the City Hall was to post pups that were set to be PTS, she put his pic up, fell in love, and my dad surprised her with him one day!

Scamper 1991 - 2001. BYB.

Current Pets:

Sassy BYB.

Furby BYB

Since we bought these two, I have learned alot re: BYB's and refuse to ever buy one from one again, I still feel guilty to this day that 2 of my current pets came from BYB's

Brynn Lethbridge Humane Society. Given up because she was "mean" to other dogs... yeah... right...

Bear - bunny. Saskatoon SPCA.

Samara - tarantula. Girl on kijiji had her for 4 years, couldn't be bothered with her anymore... I have this weird love for spiders, so she joined my crew about 2 years ago.

Many fish, hamsters, hedghogs etc. over the years...
My babies: Sassy - Maltese X (9), Furby - Shihtzu X (7), Brynn - Boxer (3), Diesel - Boxer (1)

"Many of the Earth's habitats, animals, plants, insects, and even micro-organisms that we know as rare may not be known at all by future generations. We have the capability, and the responsibility. We must act before it is too late." - Dalai Lama
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Jack - 19 month old GSD

Got him from my College buddy who's a GSD breeder in upstate NYK.

Jack before we picked him up @ the breeders

Jack 1 yr old

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Cool thread. If I listed all of the pets during my lifetime, there might be a site crash.
When I was a young kid, my Mom had to purchase newts, turtles, and hamsters for me.
Later on, many friends would realize that we were suckers and give/dump guinea pigs, birds, fish, etc on us.
Still later on, I realized that really good pets were available from newspaper ads and that "recycled" pets were usually superb and many times free.

The largest pet was my Avatar. A horse----given up because he had aged and the owner had no more time (money) for him.

From there, it has been endless. Hedgehogs were a rage for a while, and I took in castoffs.
Ditto for our chinchilla rescue: Dozens and dozens of them have come to us.
The Montreal SPCA even delivered 12 to me the week of Christmas a few yrs back.
They were flooded and didn't need these inbred and knocked up chillas that were dumped by a crappy BYB.

These days we have the internet for rescues, and somehow cats always show up on our hobby farm and who can say no?
Please have pets spayed and neutered,
and wearing a collar with an ID tag.
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