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Originally Posted by rg_girlca View Post
There was lots of nose smelling and no hissing or growling at all from Nino. Good boy.
woohooo Nino ! God job rg_girlca !

Originally Posted by pattymac View Post
I'll talk to my Mom about him again, I think she fell in love the 2nd she saw his pictures.
That would be awesome !!!!

Originally Posted by erykah1310 View Post
raw has been working great for him and even his last urinalysis results were great.
Same here , the boys had Uti's last year , then I put them on raw and never had that problem again. Unfortunately , with 4 kitties now and Chloe's condition , I don't have time for the raw thing anymore :sad: I do want to get them back on it though.

Originally Posted by chico2 View Post
I have never bought vet-food,I have no idea what it costs
Chico2 , vet food is all corn base. It amazes me how expensive they are selling it , IMO , it's almost as bad as Pedigree but more $$$$.

I must admit that , when my goldens had many gastros in spring time, the Gastro food formula did work , but there are alternatives that I tried so I wont have to go back to the vet food. Same with cats with UTI's , the urinary SO formula does work. but it is still yucky food.
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