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Originally Posted by luckypenny View Post
I have to get these, especially the "Shaping Success." Sounds super.
I really did enjoy the Gail Fisher book especially because I was just starting to move into some clicker training with Riley. The Shaping Success was very good as well although geared towards agility but lots of general stuff in there as well (especially for teaching self control).

My next dogwise order will likely be:
Susan Garrett - Crate Games
Pat Miller - Power of Positive Dog Training
Pat Killion -When Pigs Fly
and possibly
Sophia Yin - How to behave so your dog behaves
Clarissa Van Reinhardt - Chase, Managing your dog's predatory instincts

I have the Leslie McDervitt Games Demonstration DVDs here to watch as well which is the follow up set of DVD to Control Unleashed seminar.
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