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Can I play too .

I haven't focused much on agression but mostly on all over dog training theory and language.

My favourites for general stuff:

Anything Patricia McConnell (For Love of a Dog, The Other End of the Leash, Feisty Fido, Puppy Primer and many booklets). I agree with LP that her seminar is wonderful and I do have one of her DVD's here to watch as well.

Suzanne Clothier - Bones Would Rain from the sky

I also love the Turid Rugas - On Talking Term With Dogs - Calming Signals and the Brenda Aloff book Canine Body Language

Jean Donaldson - Culture Clash

For more training style:

I loved Gail Fisher - The Thinking Dog - Crossover to Clicker Training

Karen Pryor - Reaching the Animal Mind

Leslie McDervitt - Control Unleashed (and DVD)

Karen Pryor - Clicker training for dogs (very general but good intro) also Don't Shoot the Dog

Susan Garrett - Shaping Success
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