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Originally Posted by Barkingdog View Post
Maybe you could PM the OP too to made sure they see this. I know feeding your only raw food is not a complete diet you need to ad supplements.
Well, as I'm sure you know, whether/not they realize a reply has been posted will depend on
  1. whether/not they have set up automatic email notifications of replies...OR
  2. whether/not, in the absence of notifications, they happen to re-visit this forum/thread and read any additional posts
And, the same thing will apply a Private Messages. (even if I requested the Admin to open up messaging to them)

Meantime, a 'little bird told me' that they were on the forum July 21....several days after they, I presume they read the previous replies....I'll simply have to keep my ear to the ground (or, go back to that 'little bird') to see if they pick up this post...or, who knows, they may even post back ! For the little kitten's sake, I sure hope so !

(A 2005 research study with kittens demonstrated that it took only 2 weeks to reach the severest degree of the disease: Adipose Tissue Fatty Acid Changes in Kittens with Experimental Steatitis)

For anyone else who needs to understand the "No Fish for Cats" rule, but prefers VIDEO as a medium, Dr. Karen Becker offers this: Fish as a Protein Source in Pet Foods
the more i learn about (some) people, the more i luv my cats
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