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Salmon based cat food?

Hi there. I just got my first kitten since I was a teenager, and I have a few questions about feeding her.

First of all, though I'd like to keep dry food available to her (grain free and chicken based, slowly transferring her of the "kitten chow" she was on before) around the clock, more so as a supplement than her main diet, I'd like to have her on a more natural diet. I live in an area where there is a lot of salmon fishing and I catch a lot of salmon myself. Wild, river salmon, fresh from the ocean. I eat a lot of sushi myself and I know how to process it properly so it is safe for human consumption. But from the reading I've done, I've gotten mixed review, some saying that fish is bad for cats (basically for the same reasons it's bad for humans-mercury, potential paracites), others including it in their recipes, but these are usually canned fish. But the fish I'm mainly catching are chinook (spring, king) salmon, which don't spend more than 2 years in the ocean, so wouldn't have nearly the mercury content of an ocean fish like a cod/tuna/halibut. And I process it so kill tapeworm.

So my main question is, is fresh, wild salmon that is safe for human consumption safe for cat consumption? Can I give her the skins (which I would otherwise throw out)? What about the bones if they are cooked and softened and mushed up? Is it too rich? Should it be cut with other meat sources such as chicken, or is having dry food available good enough?
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