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Dusty is no pushover--I'll have to pull JD off of her because he's got her pinned, but then she sometimes comes right back and sneaks up on him from behind. I have a little video that shows a Dusty-ninja-attack on JD's tail, but I can't upload it to the site. Might try to put it up on FB later...

Given the number of times I have to run to Dusty's aid to pull JD off her back or neck, it won't be any time soon that I'll be comfortable with leaving them alone unsupervised, but there have been no injuries, or even pulled-out hair, which gives me hope that the time is coming... And if Lili ever grows up enough to be gentle with the cats, they'll have more room to roam (right now, it's pretty tight quarters in the rooms they're allowed in).

So what do you think? Is this play or just sheer annoyance from JD that Dusty is allowed in 'his' house? Neither of them gets so out of their heads that they scratch or bite at me when I separate them. But they do get sort of noisy and screechy and growly, sometimes.

Right now, we have one Feliway diffuser up in the family room, where Dusty stays and JD comes up from his Kitty Palace to visit every day. (The pics are all from the family room). Would it help to put another diffuser down in JD's Kitty Palace so he's 'under the influence' when he comes upstairs? It seems like the longer he's upstairs, the more relaxed with Dusty he becomes, and I'm attributing that to the Feliway. The only reason we didn't put one downstairs in JD's area right away is that he has that chronic URI and they caution that Feliway contains petroleum distillates that might aggravate breathing problems.
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