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We have the same situation from time to time with Yogi. You'd almost get the impression that it's a game of "preditor and prey", Yogi being the preditor and BB or Mrg ending up being the prey.

This goes over as play for a few moments especially with Mrg, but not with BB.
When the prey gets fed up then the hissing and the swatting starts. Then for some reason or other, they seem to just non-chalantly walk away from each other and go about their individual business and forget about it.
There are times that it gets just a bit rough and one of us will just and it stops and Yogi looks at us as if to say "what's your problem?"

Just keep an eye on things and don't let it get out of hand/paw.
Animals are such agreeable Friends.
They ask no Questions. They pass no Criticisms.
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