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Longblades, I do have some wand toys with string attachment thingies--maybe I'll pull them out and try them again. He seemed to lose interest in them pretty quickly after we bought them, but now that he's into his 'cord phase', maybe he'll find them more entertaining...and maybe he'll leave the boring cords alone!

I thought about conduit for the cords, Barkingdog, but I'm not sure that he wouldn't find them just as tasty. I have some milk tubing that I thought I'd try. Even if he finds it tasty, it would make it a lot harder to get to the wires, giving me more time to notice the little blighter and remove him from the temptation.

Do you follow a whole prey model regimen, Reg? I've been thinking about trying raw for the cat. It was always impractical for 8 dogs--not enough freezer space--but cats require so much less volume. JD doesn't seem to be too fussy so I don't think it would be hard to switch him from canned to raw. I just have to get brave and dive in...

JD was actually quite the good boy today. He had his FVRCP vaccination and it really knocked him for a loop. He slept most of the afternoon and evening, and didn't even eat all his supper--first meal ever that he didn't finish. The tech was trying to convince us that he needs one of these shots every year--I'm not convinced....but that's a topic for another thread....
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