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My sentiments exactly when it comes to cats sensing electricity in a charged electrical cord. The loops factor is too great, and I have seen it affect animals the same as us humans.

Yes I agree that doorstops are a lot safer, but the nutritional value I think is the pits. It would be nice if BB would just wait a few minutes longer for her breakfast to warm up rather than taking her frustrations out on the doorstop.

When it comes to food both BB and the other two cats are fed raw. I turn out a variety of foods, turkey, chicken, lamb, pork, and rabbit. They aren't happy with duck, and I haven't introduced them to beef yet. Other types of meat are hard to come by here and I don't hunt anymore, but I do follow recipes when making up their food.

When it comes to cats learning I have found that talking to them is a big secret to their learning. They seem to be able to understand voice tones, body language, and facial expressions to name a few. So the more you talk to them the more they seem to learn over time. It's like BB at night, when we're heading to bed will say to BB "bedtime BB", and she will get out of the rocking chair and hit for bed.

I know it's a major shift when you are used to having dogs - to get involved with cats is a switch of almost night and day.

Animals are such agreeable Friends.
They ask no Questions. They pass no Criticisms.
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