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Old cat peeing on basement floor.

I see no Cat behaviour I guess that would be an exercise in futility.

He's 16 -got him as a sickly neighbourhood Tom and had him patched up and neutered etc.. He used to have siblings, 2 other boy cats that he was super-close too (and could boss around) but they passed earlier this year. Now he is lone cat. He has to get locked in basement over night because he is so high strung he won't let us sleep. (sticks his schnozz in your eye socket and tries to roll your head up to wake you)

He poops in his box (he has 4 boxes in his 1000 sq. foot area). He pees in 2 or 3 places on the concrete floor. It isn't a physical impairment. He acts like a 3 year old and runs up the stairs like the wind.

He's just high strung and easily stressed. Always has been. He does it out of spite- easily identifiable pattern related to how much attention he's getting.

He responded well to Rescue Remedy in the past but I don't want to flood him out with that stuff.

Any other ideas? I'm thinking just keep cleaning it up and be glad it isn't the carpet yet.
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