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Cat running and pooping all over house...please help!!

My 11 year old neutered male cat has been doing exactly the same thing for over a year now. We have 3 neutered male cats (brothers Puffy and Gibby, and 13 yr old Tacobell) and Gibby is the only one with this problem. Have tried almost every urine removal product on the market, plus purchased two carpet steam cleaners (full sized and small). I've been using Puppy Pee Pads all over my house to save myself the daily clean up - house looks awful but this method works (for the most part - call it "hit or miss"...) Funny thing is he actually folds over the pee pads himself, "covers" like he should be doing in a litter box!!?? The pads don't work on the bed though. For that I've purchased several large sized table protector pads, kind of fleecy on one side and plastic on the other. Picture that draped over your bedding! (I also put one under the quilted mattress pad to protect my king sized bed - works about 75% of the time).

I've tried every kind of litter imaginable including fresh sand from outside. I'm going to purchase a Breeze Litter System tomorrow because that is the last one I've yet to try...

We've had him to vets numerous time for x-rays, blood work ups, all sorts of tests ($$$$) and have been told there is nothing physically wrong with him. I've searched the internet for hours looks for ideas to try, and have tried just about everything, including homeopathic remedies. (All 3 cats are big fans of FELIWAY, a synthetic copy of the feline facial pheromone. I use both wall plug-ins and spray - makes them VERY happy and affectionate, reduces anxiety ! But it's not cheap, of course.)

The problem still persists and last month he finally broke some bones in his front paw (more $$$) while running like and racehorse and jumping down from our first-floor bi-level to the entranceway floor (through the cut outs in our wall). Now he just stumps around with his cast on as fast as he can but still runs and poops - saddest thing you ever saw !! The panting appears to be anxiety because he knows what's coming.... Sorry, no solutions to this problem but wanted you to know you are not alone in this strange frustrating situation. Please keep the ideas coming! Something has GOT to work .
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