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Cat can't relax bladder

This is my first post on this forum and i am kind of desperate to find a solution to my problem.
About 2 weeks ago my 1 year old cat "Danger" has bee acting strangely, i took him to the vet and he was diagnosed with urinary tract infection.
I took him home the same day and was promised that he will be fine.
A couple of days later the urine was still bloody and last sunday morning he was incapable to pee.He and me were in such a state and i took him back to the vet in the very early hours.All in all he spend 4 days at the vet, they tried everything, catheter, drips, antibiotics you name it.Finally he was released and seemed to be doing okey.However i soon noticed that he was still struggling to pee,constantly squatting in the litter box and pretty much everywhere else in the house and only ever releasing a few drops.
Back at the vet we were told that there is no sign of any kind of bladder infection or chrystals, temperature was normal.They are suspecting that he might be unable to relax his bladder due to all that stress and he was given some meds to make him relax his bladder in addition to the valium he was prescribed to calm him down.
Luckily i work from home so i can monitor him constantly. he seemed better and able to squeeze out a bit more urine although it isn't back to normal.He still squats way too long.
A couple of hours ago he vomited and we are back to square one.
Obviously his bladder was bursting and we took it upon ourself to express his bladder. I am not an expert in doing that so my question is does the urine usually come out in short squirts or should it be a continuous stream?
He seems better now but i am just so worried.What is wrong with him?Does he really just need to learn to relax is bladder and how can i help him with that? I most likely will have to continue expressing his bladder for now.Will that prevent him from learning how to relax his bladder and start urinating properly by himself again?
I'd really would appreciate any advice from anyone who has experienced that before.I am at such a loss and just want to help him getting back to normal.
I don't want to give up on him.
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