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Hi Hazel:

Yesterday I was wondering how Grace was.

I'm very surprised at what you're telling us is happening to Grace when the Colloidal Silver is applied. I have never run into this problem before, and I've never heard from other people that I know that have used it either.

From all the research that I have done, there are no known side affects to Colloidal that is properly made and administered according to directions. From what I was able to read about the manufacturer, it seemed to be legitimate. But under the circumstances, I would back off on the spraying and see what the outcome is. How many times per day have you been dosing with the spray, and have you been giving her some orally as well?

Perhaps there is someone else who has had some experience with Colloidal and can share their thoughts about it.

Different times I have checked the ppm count on the label of products that are on store shelves and found them to be out of whack as much as 40 ppm's from what the label says.........this has always made me wonder what else is in the bottle. Just food for thought.
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