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Terriers were originally designed as working dogs - as were most breeds, of course. Manchesters were designed for ratting and rabbiting, and the behaviour needed to succeed in those jobs is still the dogs today, even if they are now rarely asked to work. That keen sense of hearing helps a manchester locate the quiet sounds of a rat scurrying about the house, or a rabbit hopping through tall grass. It protects his family from rodent-carried illness and helps put food on the table. That alertness and high energy allows him to react suddenly and catch that rat or rabbit before it sneaks to a corner or pops into a hole. Because your dog has neither rats nor rabbits to look after, he directs his attention to whatever it is that DOES move or make noise in his environment.

Keeping him busy and active, with toys, games, teaching him tricks, tiring him out on long walks or hikes will all help, but nothing will change who he is. None of the bark collars, ultrasound, spray, or shock, is 100% effective, and your dog will also outlive any of those devices. They are, however, a good idea to try, particularly of you are getting neighbour complaints or at risk of eviction. Overnight you could also try ear plugs (cotton balls) so he can't hear when your neighbour tries to sneak in quietly at 3 AM. If you are gone to work during the day, you might also look into doggie daycare, which takes him out of the building when you aren't there to try to quiet him, and tires out his body and mind so he is calmER in the evening when you want to relax.

To a certain extent, you have to accept that a Manchester Terrier will have certain behavioural characteristics, breed is about so much more than just looks.
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