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Bina, I didn't know Airedales were noisy dogs. Kudos to you for rearranging your life to keep your dog happy. Glad I didn't get one now, I went close to getting one when I was a lot younger and back then was living in a suburb where neighbors were close. The irony is that I now have shelties, which could outbark any of your terriers. They say even a leaf falling off a tree will make them bark. I have a few acres now though and hope my closest neighbors never complain, and Stu, I am sorry, but I have no solutions. I think a smart dog can cope with the citronella collars, I would never shock a dog, and if it is in the nature of manchester terriers to be like that then I guess it's the wrong breed for your environment.
I will of course be watching this thread in case there is a way to shut these dogs up, it's called living in hope and dying in despair.
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