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update - he's just a bugger sometimes. Bought him 1 brand new box and put it in one of the pee spots. He used it for 3 days- nice!. We left for vacation. I told him we would come back, if he used his box. He used his box without fail while grandma was here. Nice!
We come back...still using it, ... 3 days later, I was tired one night, so I put him to bed with kibble instead of his stew he likes, and voila - peed on the floor.

So I post this in case anyone is driving themselves batty over such a thing. Old cats can just get a bit senile and/or decide they are going to run the show. I'll just clean it up and quit trying to troubleshoot. I have a spill kit. If he moves it to the carpet, he'll be "retiring", but I don't think that will happen anytime soon.
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