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11 yr. old diagnosed as diabetic

My Duke was diagnosed on Friday as being diabetic and also has a tumor near his liver. He also has hypothyroid. When the vet told us that he had a tumor he wanted to know if we still wanted to treat him for diabetes or leave it alone, we opted to treat him. He will not eat dog food but will eat table food. The vet said give him what he wants and make him happy for the time he has left. The vet put him on Previcox which he takes only if we hide it in something yummy. My husband is also diabetic so we use his tester but cannot get any blood from the ear so we have to take him to the vet once a week. Any suggestions on foods or medication that will help him? The vet gave us food that is high fibre but he won't touch it. Right now he seems happy but sleeps alot and I have noticed that he would rather lay in the snow and eats alot of it. The vet says that the cold may make him feel a little better. His hind legs are sometimes weak and we have to help him in the door. Is there someone here that has gone through this that may be able to give me suggestions and help me through this.
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