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Originally Posted by bnesswild View Post
I just bought a 10 week old Dogo Argentio and I am having trouble finding forums for this seemingly rare breed. Anyone know of any good English language forum for these dogs? Awesome breed and really sound temperment. Now if my lab would learn a thing or two, I would be in heaven.
Dogos are still very rare up here and I don't know that there are many board deducted to just the Dogo breed. There are a few mastiff boards and all pet boards but I haven't run across a lot of Dogo boards.

If there is a breed club for Canada or the US you might find a forum there.

@ Bastien - you have 2 wonderful breeds mixed in there. Have fun and like everyone said socialize the crap out of them. As soon as they are old enough I would have them entered in some puppy kindergarten, even if they already know everything that is likely to be taught there it is great for socializing and teaching good behaviour. My best advise is to think of anything that your dog might be exposed to or that you plan to expose them too in the future and do it now while they are young.

Good luck and look forward to more pics of the little darlings!
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