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Originally Posted by Longblades View Post
Apart from the possible resemblance to a banned breed another care you must take is with two puppies the same age. Rearing two at once is more than twice the work of one. This is because you should take care to work with them one on one and do much of their training separately. This is even more of a concern with the temperament you may expect to find in your chosen breeds, they need to be very thoroughly socialized and habituated and they will need much of these as individuals, not as a pair. As a pair the danger is they will bond more to each other than to you. For this reason many, many breeders will not allow puppies to go as pairs to a purchaser.

Dogos are not recognized in Canada so there is no Canadian standard. The FCI standard says this about colour:

I also think the photo of "Dad" looks more like the Am. Bulldog. Benmax? Opinions?

Cutie-pie puppies. Oh so cute.
Well Longblades, I did not want to say anything...but yes..the father in my opinion is an Amercian Bulldog. Having one at one time and also placing 3 dogos..I have become very familiar with the looks and traits. So yes, like you I see American Bulldog.

Also, as you stated, and something very important to point out is the fact that these dogs will require one on one training and need to bond with their human more than with each other. This breed or breed combo is highly sensitive and must have direction and LOTS of socialization with everything possible such as dogs of all sizes. When they get to maturity, having a dog like this that is unruly is a complete nightmare. Having 2 - well double the nightmare as they will feed off one another. This is definately a huge undertaking but with guideance, training and determination it is workable.
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