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Originally Posted by erykah1310 View Post
Nobody is discouraging, I think its VERY important for anyone who "could" fall into this rediculous law to be absolutely fully aware of what "could" happen.
And yes the OP absolutely should be arming himself with as much information on these pups as possible in the even they are ever questioned. All it takes is one person to cry "Pitbull" so even if it meant walking around with a brief case of paperwork stating other wise so that it never ends up in court all bases should be covered.
. Thank you Erykah. I just wanted to state that it is very important that everyone is equipped in everyway possible to ensure the safety of their pets. There has been times when I get a call from rescue(s) or reps from shelters in Ontario for assistance to help remove quietly an animal because the owners were not aware of the risks involved when there was no paper trail to clearly indicate the breeds within. Even at that (and you and LP are correct) it is not fool proof. It really depends on those enforcing this law to deem whether or not the dog is of the restricted 'type'. Regardless, it is better to have everything in order and not only when or if the dog is ceased. This leads to suspicion and then there will be reason for AC to remove the said animal from their loving owners.
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