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Stella and Chewy's - Raw Lamb

I started feeding my three dogs the Stella and Chewy's Raw Lamb patties a month ago at the suggestion of a woman working at the Pet Foods Market where I buy my food. She suggested that I start feeding raw because, between the 3 of my dogs, I have to manage a range of issues such as hypothyroidism, allergies/skin problems and anal gland issues - she thought that feeding raw would improve or eliminate some of these problems. She also suggested using the Missing Link supplement in addition to feeding Stella and Chewy's as that is what she feeds her own dogs and has really liked the results.

I spent about 1 1/2 weeks transitioning my boys from their old food (Orijen 6 Fish - not raw) to the Stella and Chewy's + Missing Link. So far, so good. They LOVE the food (not that they were picky eaters before) and, although ground bone is listed as an ingredient, I have yet to see any bone fragments and I expect that I never will. My dog with the skin problems is already shedding noticeably less. I also have a friend who has been feeding her dog the Stella and Chewy's Raw Lamb for 4-6 months with great results (he had allergies and was a very picky eater). The only downside I see is the expense - if I had three 80 lb dogs I'm not sure I would be able to feed them Stella and Chewy's but, fortunately, that is not the case!
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