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I am semi-retired and during the summer, I cut grass at a golf course which requires me to get up at 4:30 am.

I got into the habit of sitting out on the deck when I got up with a cup of coffee and a smoke. I enjoyed leaving the outside light off and watching the stars, then the faint start of sunrise.

Well .... one morning it was darker than usual due to cloud cover, and I am not general that sharp first thing in the morning and didn't notice how dark it really was. I had just flicked my cigarette away when I felt a terrible pain in my right hand and I think I heard crunching.

I jumped up went to the door ( only about 4 feet away) turned the light on and there standing on the bottom step of the deck was a full grown coyote ( we live in the country). It was so dark out that I never even knew he was around.

Off to emergency ...... with four puncture wounds. Got a tetnis shot. Then to doctors for a horrilble antibodies needle. It was huge and had to be inserted local to all 4 wounds and hurt like heck. That was followed by a schedule of 6 rabie shots which wern't that bad.

First words out of doctor's mouth was ..... "Well ..... there's another reason to quit smoking."
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