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Originally Posted by Jotunleo View Post
Has anyone seen this page on facebook? There is one also called does trifexis kill dogs. There seems to be a ton of people who's dogs either become horribly I'll or died as a result of having used this flea treatment. My vet seems to think it's safe as last time I was there she encouraged me to try it. I declined, I've switched to all natural flea treatment, wondercide and diatomaceous earth which seems to work very well. Just wondering if anyone has had aNY issues with these flea treatments that Veterinarians seem to think is safe. Check out the Facebook page anyways and maybe spread the word to friends if they are using it. I can't imagine monthly ingestion of any type pesticide is going to have a positive outcome.
My Vet just told me about Wondercide, what is your experience with it? It is a pesticide you know, just it only targets certain insects. Still, it kills the insects so what's the stuff doing to animals that don't have octopamine neurotransmitters?

To answer your question, I have used the oral Sentinel on the dog, oral "I forget the name" on the cats, topical Revolution on the dog now and topical Revolution on one outside stray cat. I have had no problems. I also put Farnams Horse, Pony and Dog roll on fly repellent on the dog when we walk. It really keeps the deer flies from biting him. I put it on myself as well, it says NOT for humans but if they can't bite him they'll settle for me.
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