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Thanks MaxaLisa, I will check that out. It sounds interesting.

I guess it's time for an update. The lump has continued to get smaller, and there is probably 75% reduction from the very first photo (when the abscess was leaking). I have no idea how much of that was swelling, how much was abscess, and how much was tumor (if there is tumor). If there is tumor, the tumor itself shouldn't be shrinking. There is no heat, swelling, or redness at this point. The lump itself now feels lumpy where it used to feel smoother. Roxy is at the end of her 14-day antibiotics today, and the vet is happy with the progress on the antibiotics, so she prescribed another 14 days. The vet said if the lump is only an abscess that it could take 6 or even 8 weeks for it to completely resolve. If it is a tumor, then there will be a point when there is no more progress in the reduction of the lump.
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