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Originally Posted by hazelrunpack View Post
Wow! It's looking tons better!

So how long does the vet think can you afford to wait for it to shrink before surgery, or, if it's just an infection, to heal?
Yes, I'm surprised the Metacam did that much!

I actually sent an email to the 2nd vet last night to clarify your question, as I am a bit unclear too. I had so many questions. I do know that if the improvement platforms that we will either do the surgery at that point or try a different antibiotic. The vet said that if it is a tumor, the tumor could be very small and the lump could be mostly infection. So if it goes down 90%, and there is a tiny bit left then we still need to do surgery. She gave me 12 days of antibiotics, so I think as long as she continues to improve we will go the full 12 days.

My mom had breast cancer a number of years ago, and we were talking about it last night. Of course this situation brings back a lot of memories for her, and really caught her off guard when I told her! She had a biopsy, then a lumpectomy, and then a full mastectomy with removal of associated lymph nodes. There were 7 weeks between the lumpectomy and the mastectomy. I'm not sure if that experience could be correlated or not.
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