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Mammary lump in senior dog

Hi all,

Two days ago I saw a red area on Roxy's belly near the last nipples, but didn't think much of it because she has allergies and gets red skin on her belly often. I spray 50/50 ACV/H2O on it and it usually heals up pretty quick.

Late last night I found a hard mammary lump about the size of a tennis ball cut in half on Roxy that was leaking some pus and a bit of blood. She's not bothering it and didn't have a fever, so I cleaned it up last night with some Hibitane soap, and waited until this morning to get a vet appointment. She has an appointment for this afternoon. The lump actually looks less mad than it did last night - if that's even possible.

I'm pretty sure she has had at least one litter of puppies as she has the hanging boobies syndrome (haha). I was told when I adopted her (age 6) that she was adopted from the SPCA at age 2, so she would have been spayed then if she wasn't already. However, who really knows, right?

Has anyone seen mastitis in a senior, spayed female? I'm really hoping it's mastitis and not breast cancer.

I took a photo last night before I cleaned it up, but the photo is *GRAPHIC*, so I will provide a link instead of posting it into the thread. If you don't want to see a draining abscess, don't click.

Monday Feb 16th 11 pm:
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