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Originally Posted by luckypenny View Post
The best place I've found for my dogs, other than the woods out behind the house and the corn fields in late Fall and in Winter, is the green space surrounding an outdoor mall believe it or not . Really, it's very pretty and there are a few nice hills where I can run up and down with my guys. After a nasty fall off my bike last Spring when we were charged by an off-leash dog, I now even take our Lucky bike riding (well, he runs, I ride my bike ) through the immense parking lot when the stores are closed. It's the 15/30 in Candiac. I'm 6 minutes away from St.Luc and the mall is about 8 minutes from me in the other direction. Not sure how feasible that is for you.

If you feel like taking a longer ride and making a day of it, you might want to look into Guides Canins in St. Lazare. For a fee, they may allow you to use their grounds for taking leisurely walks. There are other dogs there but very few during the week and they are impeccably trained.
Hey thanks!!
BTW I live in St Luc!!
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