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Oh no!! So sorry that this is happening to your cat. Saddle thrombosis is a very serious condition.

Originally Posted by stanpaxson View Post
they are suggesting that I take him to a specialist for further tests of his heart and for possible treatment of the clot but the doctor could not imply what treatment that might be.
There is this rather technical paper from the WSAVA conference in 2006 that might give you more insight into what's going on:

Originally Posted by stanpaxson View Post
but if there is a chance that he could even live an extra year with some happiness and without frequent pain then I would be willing to consider the option.
Unfortunately there's no way to know how your kitty will do until you actually start treatment. If you read the article above, it sounds like appropriate pain meds are the first place to start, and then go from there. If he were my kitty, I would at least speak with a specialist to see what the options are, but time is of the essence.

I wish you all the best! Do keep us updated when you get the chance....
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