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Seeking advice for treatment of feline thrombosis


This morning at 3:30AM I was woken by my 12 year old cat who was crying and was unable to move his rear legs. I immediately brought him to the emergency vet where he was diagnosed with feline thrombosis and paralysis of both of his rear limbs. X-rays were performed and they confirmed an enlarged heart but they are suggesting that I take him to a specialist for further tests of his heart and for possible treatment of the clot but the doctor could not imply what treatment that might be.

Would any of you have experience or knowledge in the treatment of the blood clot or the possibility that he could regain limited functions of his hind legs? I understand that his long-term prognosis will be complicated by the underlying heart condition but if there is a chance that he could even live an extra year with some happiness and without frequent pain then I would be willing to consider the option.

Thank you in advance!

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