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Just wanted to add, this is one of the major reasons why you should always have your dog's rabies up to date as per your local law and you do need written proof of this. What also matters is not the date of the vaccination, nor the date as per manufacturer of when the shot is "expired" but what the vet actually certifies it as. There are plenty of vets who give a 3yr rabies vaccine but only certify your rabies certificate for one year as they want you to come back in a year for more shots. In such case, from a legal point of view, that shot is only valid for one year, and not a day more then what the vet wrote on the certificate. If your dog has an expired rabies vaccine certificate, even by a day, and he bites some one, yes he can legally be taken away and PTS so that a rabies test can be done.

None of the other vaccines matter when it comes to dog bites, rabies is the only one that your dog is required to have by law.
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