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Hello Khari:

Glad to hear that you are transitioning your kitty to raw food. You have picked the best time in her life - this is the time that they learn what's good for them.

Are you making your own food or buying it? There is a rule of thumb on how much to feed per day. This is strictly for species appropriate food. One to four per cent of the body weight is recommended for daily feeding. This number is divided by the number of feedings per day.

Are you mixing the wet food with the raw food, and if so, the "rule of thumb" will not apply. The rule of thumb is strictly for raw food.

Basically how the rule of thumb works is: it's a guide on how much food to put down per meal. It's governed by the weight of the cat and by the cat's activity.This works for both kittens and full grown cats.

A senior cat will be somewhere in the neighbourhood of 2 percent of it's body weight for daily allowance. And a kitten will be somewhere between 3 and maybe 4 percent of it's body weight.

Example: our cat weighed 10 1/4 pounds. and she wasn't overly active. I converted the weight into kilos - 4.649 - times 2.25 % which gave me
104 gms of food per day, which I divided by the number of feedings for the day. This was 5 years ago when she was 6 years. Now she's 11 years and her consumption rate per meal has dropped to 37 to 39 gms per meal and she's fed twice a day. And that takes into consideration that she receives treats ------- when I started this, she was not getting the treats.

This might be of interest to you when you transition her completely to raw. This basically gives you an idea of where to start. You'll have to tweek it to suit the individual but it makes it handy to have some idea of freezing rations of food.

For instance, I try to freeze 2 days rations at a time.

Any further questions just let us know, and keep us informed of your the way, what is kitty's name?
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