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That picture looks a lot like what goes on around here. It appears as though things are coming together but it will take time. You have to give them space.......everything will work out fine.

Forgot to ask you if you trim the cat's claws? This will help to keep punctures down on you as well as them, if they get into a rough swatting match. We trim our 3 about every 3 weeks being very careful not to cut into the quick. If they give you a hastle just cut one or two at a time. When they get used to the procedure you will be able to trim more and eventually all 8 paws.

Does it appear to you to be any tension or is it just a sort of "fun play"?

As much as we don't really like it, perhaps a water sprayer might be something to keep handy for when you think things are getting really bad. Saves sticking your hand into the kerfuffle.

We just had a "to do" on the stairs with BB and Yogi, and Yogi looked at Reg as if to ask "what's wrong with you?" Of course BB screamed.

They are fun you know..........never a dull moment, unless they are sleeping. were asking about Feliway.......I have used it and had some success.........when you are at the doctor's office on Friday, speak to the Vet Tech or Doctor about it...... Their Feliway is a better quality than what you get a pet food's stronger.
Animals are such agreeable Friends.
They ask no Questions. They pass no Criticisms.

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