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JD appears to be a bit of a bully--what to do?

We're still having a bit of trouble trying to get JD and Dusty integrated into the same area. She did manage to take the tour of the basement area that belongs to JD (his Kitty Palace) the other day with no altercations, but when they're together for a longer time, JD starts running commando raids on her.

He doesn't seem to want to hurt her, but her preferred strategy of 'ignore him and he'll go away' doesn't seem to be working. He waits till she's busy with a toy and/or has her back turned, and then JD will pounce.

Initially, her reaction was to screech and try to get away. I've noticed that lately, if he manages to get her into a head lock, she's a little quieter and she just squirms away. I've only had to separate them once and neither of them was in a foul enough mood from the encounter to bite or scratch at me. I've seen no blood or fur pulled loose... Also, no overt signs of stress when they're away from each other--they use their respective litter boxes, have good appetites, aren't overgrooming, etc.

So what do we try next? Back it up to the point where they're never loose in the room together? Try Feliway?

Oh...and here are some pictures. The first shows JD moving to block Dusty off in front of the door; the second is the escalation; the third is Dusty about to take a swipe and run off:

Name:  The start 9-11-19 pets.jpg
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Name:  Escalation 9-11-19 pets.jpg
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Name:  Dusty about to take a swipe and run away 9-11-19 pets.jpg
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