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Avoid cat foods with filler (rice), if possible

The only reason rice is an ingredient is that it's a filler. Cats do not eat rice, or wheat, or corn, or peas, or potatoes, ....they are designed to eat tiny bit of grain, but only grain that's already be partially digested (as what is found in a mouse's stomach)

I am struggling to find a good canned cat food that is suitable for a carnivore---i.e. cat! It's infuriating when I see the fillers....and questionable ingredients. If someone in the pet food industry is reading this... I am willing to pay more. Please make a species-appropriate food.

Also, dry cat food is not nutritious... I will never again feed a cat dry cat food. I'm not sure if that violates the posting rules... but when I see a cat with diabetes or an obsese cat.... I know that he is being fed dry cat food.

Wet cat food that has some rice in it is still better than any dry cat food will be. It's difficult if not impossible for cats to remain adequately hydrated through drinking water... they are not programmed to have a strong thirst drive. They need to get their fluids from food.

I just adopted a kitten who was constipated the first night ...I thought I was going to have to take her to emergency, but she was able to pass the stools. The previous owner had been feeding her dry cat food. I have started her on wet cat food and luckily she is eating it. And no more constipation. I know that it can be extremely challenging to switch cats from dry to wet... but my last 2 cats has health issues that were caused by dry cat food.
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