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Rice is apart of the BRAT diet which is bananas , rice , applesauce ,and toast
and for people that have diarrhea . These are all binding foods so if your cat is constipated a lot it would be best to feed him as little rice as possible .
You should made sure your cat is drinking enough water , if not that could made him constipated . Flax seed is used a lot in dog foods , this help with constipation ,maybe you could see if there is some cats foods that have fax seeds . You should check with your vet first and when giving your cat a new food is should be done slowly , add a little to his food and see how he does on it. I had a real hard time finding the right dog for my small mini poodle mix . He can't eat wheat or yeast or chicken . I fed him Earthborn kibbles with is grain free and he has no trouble with constipation or diarrhea anymore . Good luck with your kitty .

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