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Rice in Canned Food

Hi -

It's been a long while since I've posted anything, but I do have a question on cat food.

Yagi can't handle any kind of kibble (it constipates him to the point of vet intervention is needed), and as a precaution we give him 1/2 tsp of Restoralax daily (vs the cisapride he had been on for years previously for this same issue). So we've always fed him (and when we had Molly) canned, high quality grain free food - Natural Balance, Wild Calling, Wellness, etc. We recently found he liked Tiki Cat ( and while there are a couple that don't have any rice at all included, I noticed some of their selections do have rice - thoughts on this? Is rice in this context harmful/not good for cats? What about with Yagi's history - do you think the occasional can of something with rice in it could be harmful? I do plan on speaking to our vet about it next time we take him in, but just thought I'd see what others thought as well.
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