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Originally Posted by Goldfields View Post
Well, I don't know pb's at all. Do you think that basically they're ?benign? but can be and are sometimes trained to be aggressive? A balanced dog will bite an adult before it bites a kid? Yes, I agree with that. I had a mother yelling about getting her toddler out from under the table with my first cattle dog and had to tell her if she didn't shut up, she'd get bitten herself. LOL. If that dog had thought her a threat to the toddler she'd have been in trouble. The child was not! That dog adored kids.
Oh yes of course their qualities are abused by people who have a lack of better judgement. Which in turn feeds the medias views.Im not saying the breed is innocent. Ill compare it like this. A gun is a gun wether its a .22 calibre or a .45 caliber. Either way you are not going to want to be shot. Therefore a dog is a dog wether its a teacup or a "horse" you are not going to want to be attacked. Yes your PREFERENCE would be to not be shot/attacked by the biggest gun/dog,but that is what it is......a preference. In the end the outcome is the same and this needs to be realized before more damage is done.
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