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Originally Posted by katieandspencer View Post
Goldiesplash, I am curious, by any chance is your dog food Blue Buffalo? I'm not out to scare, I have no evidence, just curious, as our dog is having the same symptoms.. our vet tried to tell us it was pot as in marijuanna, but neither of us in the home have any such "hobby." The vet said she could have found it outside on a walk. hm. I just seem to suspect the food as our other dog has diarrhea. But one has swaying, lost far away gaze, slightly off balance, vomiting, very similar to symptoms mentioned on this thread. And since I noticed you registered in Feb, I'm wondering if maybe there isn't something else at work here. Like a common link?
katieandspencer, Sorry to hear about your dog having a similar problem. No. Mine is Natural balance. hmmm, I doubt my dog somehow got some pot during the walk though... But he did picked up and swallowed a straw off the ground a day before it happened. Even though it came out later (from his bottom), I'm now wondering if that might have released some toxin in his system.

How long is your dog swaying? hours? days? Did you watch my video? Does it look similar? My dog was swaying only several hours, and he was weak and his stool was soft with some bloody mucus for many days. He finally got better after two weeks or so. I still have no clue about what caused it. X(
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