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To clarify the constipation issue - it is possible for a cat/dog to have a stool blockage (ie be constipated) and still poop, often in softer smaller quantities even having diareaha at the same time. Think of it this way: imagine a river (colon) with a big beaver dam in the middle (hard stool), the water flowing around the dam is the softer poop - what ever makes it around the blockage in the middle can/will still come out.

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have tried just about everything, including homeopathic remedies. (All 3 cats are big fans of FELIWAY, a synthetic copy of the feline facial pheromone. I use both wall plug-ins and spray - makes them VERY happy and affectionate, reduces anxiety ! But it's not cheap, of course.)
Just want to point out here that Feliway is not a Homeopathic remedy. Feliway is a pheromone (aka a chemical ~ be it synthetic or natural) that works to trigger a natural behavioural response from the targeted species, being that is a chemical phermone is not homeopathic however the reasoning behind the use is more along the lines of homeopathy - like cures like.

In the blood tests that were done did they test for T4 aka Tetraiodothyronine? This will show on a complete blood panel aka wellness test and is sometimes a separate test just known as a T4.

Many older cats have HyperThyroidism and one of the lesser known symptoms can be pooping outside the litterbox (this was the case with my cat when she had it) and often but not always this is because of diarreah a more known symptom.
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