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Another thing I wanted to suggest is maybe taking your cat to a holistic or homeopathy vet? My new vet even recommended this to me regarding my cats constipation issues. I did finally take her to a holistic vet and now have her constipation under control The holistic vet deals with the whole picture not just the specific problem. They will look at your cats eating habits (nutrition) in depth as well. A normal vet does not have more than a few hours training on animal nutrition. They of course will tell you the best food to feed is the food in their office because they get kickbacks from every sale they make from the pet food industry. A homeopathy vet will look at the specific problem (maybe it is stress related) and focus on fixing the problem. When I went for the consultation with the holistic vet she said the constipation could be stress related and she recommended a homeopath for this problem.

I had been going to the same vet for 12 years and felt like I was doing something so bad by going to another vet but it was the best decision I have made. And wish I made the decision alot sooner....
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