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We have had her to the vet a few times, but he is baffled.
Have you considered taking her to a different vet? Sometimes a new vet may be more insightful. My girl cat was doing the exact same thing your girl was doing for years. My regular vet said it was enlarged anal glands. So he would have to excrete her glands about every 2-3 months. I decided to take her to a new vet a few months ago when the symptoms came back. And the new vet diagnosed it to be constipation and did not think the anal glands were causing the problem. He gave her an enema and removed a huge blockage....poor girl. I am not saying your cats problem is constipation but a second opinion may help....

She does urinate in the litter box (except when she is locked in the basement - because of the pooping problem - then she'll pee on the floor). When not locked up, she will go to the litter box to urinate; however, regardless of being locked up or not, she still poops all over the house.
One thing I wanted to suggest is putting a litterbox in the basement so she does not pee on the floor. Where is the litterbox located right now? Is it in a high traffic, noisy area? Could you put one in a quiet area and one also in the basement? Cats like quiet, hidden areas when going to the washroom. And their food should not be placed near the litterbox.

I'm getting pretty desperate - there has been talk of having to put her down, but I just can't justify putting down an otherwise healthy cat because of this. There has to be an answer out there.
Putting her down b/c she is pooping does not sound like a logical solution to me....When my cat was pooping throughout the house - putting her down was not even a thought....

I hope someone can help shed some light on this for you
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