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Unhappy Cat running and pooping all over house....please help!!

Our 11 1/2 overweight female calico began pooping all over the house a few months ago. She will start running all around, up and down stairs, through rooms, almost in a panic. Then she will stop, squat, pant with her mouth open, while she starts to poop. Once the poop starts to come, she starts running again, leaving drops behind her. She has rarely used the litter box in the past few months (and not once in the past month).

We have had her to the vet a few times, but he is baffled. We initially thought constipation, so had her on a diet of soft food twice a day with pumpkin and prunes (with hard food at other times during the day). Her stools did soften up, but the problem has persisted. Her stools now are quite soft and she goes 1-2 times per day - constipation doesn't seem to be an issue.

Her anal glands have been cleaned a couple of times (one was quite full) but that hasn't stopped the problem.

She is not able to clean herself properly, so I give her a bath once a week. She is not overly dirty.

She has had a complete blood work up done and it came back normal.

She does urinate in the litter box (except when she is locked in the basement - because of the pooping problem - then she'll pee on the floor). When not locked up, she will go to the litter box to urinate; however, regardless of being locked up or not, she still poops all over the house.

The vet has suggested maybe something behavioural, but even he doesn't seem convinced that is the problem. We're currently on day 6 of a hypoallergenic diet and giving her prednisone, thinking it may have been an inflammatory bowel problem, but no change yet. My gut says it's something physical/medical rather than behavioural.

I'm getting pretty desperate - there has been talk of having to put her down, but I just can't justify putting down an otherwise healthy cat because of this. There has to be an answer out there.

Has anyone else had this problem? Any suggestions? We're running out of money for tests - wondering also what to try next? Enema? Colonoscopy? xrays? ultrasound? Going to call the vet again Monday but wondering if anyone had any ideas...

Thank you!
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