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This is an ongoing issue for me too.

My cat does this every day, has for years. My cat is an incredibly high stress animal and we (vet and I) think there maybe a combination of issues that caused this behavior to become learned. When this first started he had severe constipation and hard bloody stools. This caused pain he would scream and run while pooping. He also had a break down when my brother stayed with us (high stress). There seems to be a multitude of factors as he also has food allergies, and I can't switch food due to it being high fiber. Which has helped immensely with the pain issues but it is still uncomfortable for him. due to the over large droppings. He is a very codependent animal (as are the other two) which is a great thing in this case.

What we do daily is walk him to the litter box and hold him in while calmly praising him. At first it was long hours locked in the Bathroom with him. It was the only small space I could be sure to get to him in time. After four plus hours I finally got him to go. I continued this over the next week bringing him into the room and calmly repeated holding him in. Now he goes every day, most times he whines or scratches to let us know it's potty time. He still freaks out so holding him is a must 90% of the time, and we still have the occasional accident about once a month.

My suggestion is to Do almost the same get them in a small easily controlled space and start a new routine of assistance and comforting while you wish you were any where else.
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