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Frustrates with Bravo

I'm new to BARF, and the bones have concerned me from the start. I had to switch Lola to a no starch food because of yeast. I chose Bravo and while she loves it, I kept finding 1/4 inch bone fragments which when combined with and odd semi-choking sound my toy poodle started making, prompted me to call Bravo about this concern. First off, though the lady that answered was nice...or I should say courteous, she had few answers.

The bones I have found appeared to be hard, but with semi-sharp edges with the largest pieces being about 1/4' irregularly shaped.

This just didn't seem like a good idea to me so I called....I was told the bones are "cartillage-like, and soft". I figured that was good enough for me until I found she had eaten around one and I picked it up, washed it off and tried to bite through it...(gross yes...but...functionally useful for my purposes). I could not make a dent, so I got out my buck knife and tried to cut it.....I was able to put an impression in it, but not cut through it.

I moved her over to Stella and Chewys...I hope I don't find the same issues with them....

What's the big deal anyway in taking these bones down to almost powder level??? Isn't the nutrition the same and just less hazardous???

Anyway...her skin has cleared up...and I hope its not a coincidence or the Covian (antibiotic) the dumb ass vet gave her (with my dumb ass permission). Long story....

Right now I'm a huge chearleader for these foods but if a bone killed or injured my dog, I'd make it my mission to end that company.

They are supposed to be advocates for greater health so they need to be held accountable.
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