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Originally Posted by Chris21711 View Post
....Mrs Klutz (me).....fell last night on my fake hip and I can barely walk, albeit with lots of pain
Oh No
......buuuuuuuuuuuuut, I spoke with my g/f this morning about this situation and she is willing to drive ....she is quite the when she drives, akin to Aslan

Since she will be driving and not me, she will take the 401 which makes things easier for the meet and greet I think, depending on what time L4H wants to meet up that will determine what time I can hook up with Aslan.

L4H - if push comes to shove can you not keep Frosty in the garage for the night, it isn't cold overnight.

I have two small carriers that I was taking with me when Ethel and I venture out to Gerri's over the summer....I could bring those and if the kitties are cramped on the leg from L4H's we can do the transfer when we meet g/f has a Jimmy so enough room for all.

L4H - You're looking forward to meeting me ....just look for the scraggy ol' girl that can hardly take a step without yelling "Oh F***" It's not how you look that makes you special, it's how kind you are.

Frosty, if possible, will share the kitten nursery with momma (let me know, cpietra) or they can be separated if need be, a huge bathroom for Frosty, and a huge bedroom for momma and babies. Besides, the garage wouldn't be enough to keep Mr Sniffer Jasper from knowing there is a male around. Hopefully it won't be raining Tues night so Jasper can get outside to spray . I had Panda Bear (remember the black and white sweetheart I trapped last fall) in the kitten room and Jasper didn't really mind.

I would prefer NOT to change carriers in transit, too risky with kitties so I will figure something out so they all fit in.
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