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Please don't make my mistake of waiting too long

Tilly (pic below) and her sister Holly (no pic here) popped up on our porch in November. We guessed they were 6-8 weeks old. We stopped trying to shoo them off so they stayed around and grew up (although they are still very small cats). Tilly is not quite feral but will not come to us - she just runs away. When we can catch her napping in the cat house my dad built - she is very affectionate. So I bought a hav-a-heart type cage to trap them in when the time came to take them to be spayed.

Here is the issue - our vet won't spay until they are at least 6 mths. Later, we found a group in the next county that will spay at an earlier age, unfortunately we waited too long. Tilly got pregnant. We must have been wrong with guessing ages in Nov, but she can only be about 6 months old. They both had an appointment on April 20th. Tilly had her babies on April 18th. 4 of them! Thankfully she is a good mom - and very willing to let us pet her and all of them.

Now, my job is finding a home for these new 4 and to get her spayed as soon as they are weaned. But my biggest job is to learn this lesson - don't wait too long!

Here's one of the photos from this past weekend - there are 4 showing - the 4th is just under Tilly's head - almost solid white.

Wish me luck finding homes for these little cuties in about 5 weeks. I hope that someone can learn from my "late" mistake - don't wait too long or you'll have these little faces like this to deal with!!!

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