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bile woes

hi, i'm moving in with a friend who has a dog who has bile problems, he's tried everything (his pup is on a tiny dose of steriods now after going through all the vet's diets and tests. The steriods seem to keep the bile problem away but are not a great long term answer so i was hoping that feeding his dog a better food than science diet or IVD might help). My dog has been on wellness for a while and thinking that'd it be easier to have them both on the same food so i started switching my dog to california natural 4 nights ago. Usually my dog is great with whatever he eats and switching food was never a problem, But yesterday morning he started throwing up bile, the again last night and again this morning. Maybe i'm not switching the food over slowly enough, but why would this be a problem now and not before when i started him on wellness, and why didn't it start the first day i did the mixture of foods? I went from a lamb based food to another lamb based food and am surprised as i hear califoria naturals is supposed to be good for dogs with stomach problems(which is why i thought to switch). Though after doing more research i found that the sunflower oil in it may not be the best thing in the world. . . Frustrated . . . can switching dog foods cause bile? How long should i give him to adjust if it will go away? Right now i'm thinking i'll just start preparing real food (raw/homemade food) for my pup since that's what he grew up on and try my friends dog on that too since it seems to be more of a sure thing but it'd be nice to have a good pet food to fall back on during camping trips : ) Sorry for all the questions but this is where i got after all of my searching and reading.
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