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Originally Posted by Mastifflove View Post

I will definitely look into the pet insurance, any suggestions of who to go through?
I cant offer any suggestions to you about your pup, it does not seem to be a good situation and the breeder seems to be a putz.

I can comment on the pet insurance though....I have 5 pets insured and the first thing the insurer does when they get the application is contact all the vets your pup has seen prior to confirming full insurance coverage. In your case, the fact that the pup has already seen a vet for what will very likely be an ongoing problem, may "exclude" future costs for that specific problem.
I have one cat excluded for emotional/behavioural problems because he was seen once for the problem prior to coverage and one for dental for the same reasons. These are considered "pre-existing conditions" and the insurer will not cover conditions that they know they are going to have pay for in the future. Remember...they are in the business to make money, as cold as that sounds.
The only way around this is if your "breeder" gave you a complimentary insurance policy for 3 months...something alot of places that do adoptions, not sales do...then you would have had coverage from the start, but this breeder is not likey to have done that.
The insurance would still cover any further problems the pup develops, but not likely the cardiac issues.
Sorry. I hope all goes well.
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