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linglan, What you have, imo, are 2 lovely DLH. Because they were "farm cats", there is no way of knowing their lineage, but I would say that they tend to look more like a NFC than a MC in their looks, judging by shorter body length, smaller ears and less upright earset. The only way of getting a purebred registered cat is from a registered breeder in one of the recognized cat fancy organizations (CFA=Cat Fanciers' Assoc., CCA=Canadian Cat Assoc., TICA=The International Cat Assoc.) that hold sanctioned cat shows. You can always contact the cat association to determine if a breeder is one "on record and in good standing". There are some mail-in or online organizations that will give you a "cat registration certificate" without a registered pedigree for a fee. This is a fraud.

bigdogs1, Your foster cat is beautiful DLH, unusual blue silver classic tabby in colour, but she does have some Maine Coon resemblance.
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